Her notepad poems:
Why Me Poem

Why me

Life unfolds before me

Sometimes it scares me

Why is it so hard to be

The person inside me

Can a mind be set free

​Where can I find the key

I wish that I could see

What others see in me
Dean Thorpe
Dean Thorpe sometimes its easier to hide

Dean Thorpe trying to hide under a cloak, mask and sunglasses!

About This Poem

Some people seem to think of me as a positive and popular person, but inside I am very different. I can go to meetings / conferences / drumming events etc. and chat to strangers, in some ways I enjoy doing it, but it also scares the shit out of me at the same time! There are only a few people who really know the real me. I am trying to change and be more like me and more happy being me, but it is hard sometimes. I am me, some like me, some don't, that's up to them, I am not trying to be anything I'm not anymore.