Why Aspex Design?

What is Aspex Design?

Aspex Design Logo with the letters AD

Not this site, but it kinda is at the same time! From 2000 until 2016 I ran a site I had named Aspex Design and a very successful site it was too! 

At the start of 2016 my life was going through a lot of very radical changes and I wanted my site to do the same, so I scrapped that one completely and started working on this one instead! 

Some of the content stayed the same, a lot changed and improved, a great many things are still left to add, but I do hope one day that this site will be as popular or hopefully even more popular than Aspex Design was :)

Next to this there should be a logo, that is one of the many ones I used for Aspex Design, it's a A with a D in the middle, I did create many different looks for it, but the D in the A thing was a very common thing for my logos back then.

Why am I telling you all this?

A lot of Google searches still show up my photos and poems, but with copyright messages saying they were created by Aspex Design and I didn't want people to think I had stolen my photos and poems from that site! lol. So if you see anything of mine saying Aspex Design it doesn't mean I borrowed theirs or they borrowed mine, just that we are one and the same.  

Where Did The Name Aspex Design Come From?

A big Aspex Design logo

The original tag line for my site was:

Aspex Design, for all aspects of design

Yes, I can spell aspects correctly, but I wanted to be a little different and trying to make yourself findable on search engines is much easier with a slightly unique name. The for all aspects of design bit was because I used to do all kinds of design, from software creation to 3d modelling. The name itself was actually thought up by an old friend of mine.

Will Aspex Design ever come back?

Probably not, that was part of my old life and Death Prone is part of my new one, so in many ways I hope it has gone for good. Maybe one day my life will change again and my work will evolve into something completely different, who knows, only time will tell!!!