Her notepad poems:
Time flies by

Time flies by

People say we should, forget the past,
The ones we have hurt, the list is vast.

Those bad things we did, are in the past,
The happiest times, could change so fast.

We always tried our, best in the past,
Was never a case of, can’t be arsed.

Scars deep in our hearts, are from the past,
Not like a bone, can’t heal with a cast.

What others have done, was in the past,
So try to forgive, those things at last.

Need to be happy, not like the past,
Think about the good stuff, as things you passed.

Forget about the rest, of the past,
Forgive yourself for those, things at last.

The future will soon, becomes the past,
As the time flies by, so very fast.

Don’t be controlled, by things from the past,
Build yourself a future, one that lasts.
Dean Thorpe