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The Side Effect Of Doctors Poem

The side effect of doctors

Nasty tablets, side effects.
Moody people, emotional wrecks.
Deep inside, were people too.
Even when, were feeling blue.
Doctors comment, think they know.
Expose our lifes, pain we show.
Lifes a bitch, in the end.
See us vanish, round the bend.
Dean Thorpe
I bet most would never guess what this is? I took this photo at a museum, it is a lethal injection kit!

I bet most would never guess what this is? I took this photo at a museum, it is a lethal injection kit! Picture by Dean Thorpe

About this poem

This one is one my favourite poems, it was about one doctor / psychiatrist in particular, but I am not naming names! I was on crutches every time I went to see him and every time the appointment was for an upstairs room, so every time I would have to ask to be seen downstairs and he would come down and start by asking how long I had been on crutches! I know he sees lots of people and I only saw him once a month, but to me it just showed a lack of caring for his patients, when he could not even remember something that big about them! I know the NHS is over stretched, but it would only take a couple of minutes to have a quick read of my notes. I actually hope that one day he finds this poem and reads it, I have heard from people that see him, that he is better, but I would still be interested to see what he thinks of the poem and the rest of what I have written here. 

This bit of poetry is not a comment about all doctors, as I have had some very good experiences of doctors too. I do have a great respect for most of the many doctors and nurses I have met during my life, in fact some of my best friends work in NHS mental health services.

Medication works well for a lot of people, but for me it just made me worse. Most of them just made me want to sleep all the time. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy / CBT I found much better. The problem is that there is not much of that available on the NHS. A lot of NHS doctors seem to be more interested in giving you magic pills that just hide your problems away from everybody, including yourself! There is still no magic little pill that cures debt, can bring lost loved ones back from the dead, gets you a good job earning lots of money etc. Problems like those need talking therapies to help you come to terms with them.

Woodlands is our local (Hastings) NHS hospital / mental health unit and so far I have never been officially bad enough for a stay there, it is a place I know very well though as I do work there one day a fortnight as a volunteer for the Woodlands Patients Council. If I had to stay in a mental health unit then I would choose Woodlands as it's actually very good, well as good as a hospital can be!

These days my mental health state is normally much better, I still have problems, but nothing I cannot deal with thanks to the support I get from my wife and not the NHS. If anybody is reading this that knows me, then I would like to point out one very important thing, I have never been a danger to anybody else, only to myself.

Stigma against people with mental health problems is reducing, but it does still exist. If somebody breaks a leg, then often friends visit them in hospital, they get "get well soon" cards, people help you until you are better, but if you have a mental breakdown and finish up somewhere like Woodlands then I bet a lot of "friends" would not act the same way.