Her notepad poems:
The Life Of A Photographer Poem

The life of a photographer

A normal person sees a storm,
thinks help and runs away
A photographer sees that storm,
and runs the other way
Off into the cold they go, the wind,
the rain and more
To capture pics no matter what,
of all the things they saw
Watching all the huge waves crashing,
defiantly they stand
Looking out from beneath the pier,
with camera in hand
Why do we do such stupid things,
like photograph the snow
We can't resist to get that pic,
so off we always go
We see the world through rule of thirds,
and many shades of grey
The search to get the perfect shot,
continues every day
Dean Thorpe
A sepia toned photograph of Dean Thorpe taking photos with an old Canon 35mm camera. This was actually part of his Peter Parker / Spiderman Cosplay he did once, the camera seemed more the sort of thing Peter Parker would have used

About the poem

I am a photographer, I don't mean I work as a photographer, its much more than that, it is what I am. I am not saying I am a perfect photographer, I still have a lot more to learn and still get bad photos sometimes, but photography is a HUGE part of my life and I never go anywhere without a camera, just in case!.

I do think there is something very different about the brain of a photographer, who in their right mind travels towards disasters, wars, storms, wild animals and other things that most people run away from. Photographers can find beauty in a cracked window, a crumpled can on a beach or millions of other things that most people would not even notice.