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The Hand Beside Me Poem

The Hand Beside Me

Laying there in his safe, warm bed
Work ideas running through his head
He knows he needs to get some sleep
Escape this world and dream so deep
A few hours left until the morn
The dark around him feels so warm
The only light is from the moon
There is not a sound in the room
He feels the bed move, someone there
He is relaxed and doesn't care
Laying there in the middle of night
He feels the child's hand grip his tight
The tiny fingers grip his hand
And then he starts to understand
He sits up straight, with such a start
There is a pounding in his heart
The bed beside him is just bare
He lives alone, nobody there!
Dean Thorpe
A ghostly photo of Joanne Thorpe

About this poem

I was actually laying in bed, in a very dark room, needing to be up in a few hours to go to hospital, when the idea for this poem came into my head! The main difference being I had my partner laying beside me to keep me safe and the only other thing in the bed was Squid our dog!