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Sugar Excess Diabetes Poem

Sugar excess

Pressure builds, inside your brain
Any more, you'll go insane
You feel it grow, getting worse
Want a doctor, or maybe a nurse
Levels too high, sugar excess
Head hurting bad, in such distress
Chocolate bar, but just the one
Tasted great, that part was fun
I think back, when I was young
So many sweets, passed my tongue
Now I'm older, my past I regret
Oh why diabetes, did I now get!
Dean Thorpe
Jelly Babies, one of my favourite sweets!!!

Lots of very lovely jelly baby sweets given to me by a very lovely lady! Photo by Dean Thorpe

About this poem

In January 2005 the doctors found out what was causing some of the health problems I had been having for a couple of years, I have type 2 diabetes.

As a person who had always had a very healthy appetite I found it quite a struggle at first to be diabetic.

I hated (and still do hate) salad and a lot of vegetables (I only like peas, carrots and cauliflower), but loved KFC, burgers, pizza etc.

These days I try to be careful and keep my blood sugar around 10-15, a little better than the 30+ it was when first tested for diabetes. Much higher or lower than 10 and I start getting headaches and feeling almost drunk or drugged!

I am still bad sometimes, I still have KFC occasionally, but probably once a fortnight, rather than 2 or 3 times a week and when I do I never eat anywhere near as much as I used to. Going out for Chinese is something I now only do about once every six months, because it really messes up my sugar levels every time and that makes me feel very ill, but worth it!

One thing I really do miss is Kebabs, I really did love my Doner Kebabs, but on the 2 occasions I have had them since becoming diabetic I have felt really bad afterwards, so I guess that's it for them! (Update: after a few more painful experiments, it seems it's the yummy garlic sauce that was affecting me the most.)

On the bright side I have lost about a few stone since becoming diabetic!!! The sad thing is the weight loss seems to have stopped there. It is hard when due to my other health problems I have a lot of trouble exercising.

One thing I really find strange is how you spend 95% of your time avoiding sugar, then the other 5% when your sugar levels get low stuffing your face with sweet things!