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Not Going Mad This Christmas Poem

Not going mad this Christmas

I'm not going mad this Christmas,
I heard the woman say
It was a rather strange thing,
I heard the other day

Some people always comment,
they say the strangest stuff
Do they even understand,
the world can be quite tough

I know she meant the presents,
to sit under her tree
But many people out there,
are just like you and me

The only difference being,
this year they will go mad
For some Christmas is happy,
for others it is sad
Christmas for them just can be,
a lonely day and night
So check on everybody,
and make sure they're alright
Dean Thorpe
Reflections of Dean Thorpe in a pretty Christmas ball

Reflections of Dean Thorpe in a pretty Christmas ball

About This Poem

One of my many unusual claims to fame is that this poem was made into a song for a theatrical version of the Stephen King book Misery! The score was writen by the very talented musician Billy Sokol and it was so strange to hear my poem performed as a song, but he did a great job of it. If you want to know more about Billy Sokol then you can find him on Myspace and Facebook.