My Mums Poetry - Page Three

Episodes In My Life poem by Glynis Hale

Episodes In My Life

I know I sometimes hurt you dear
I say things I don't mean
But you mustn't take it too seriously
Because you know that's me

I often feel so lonely
I feel that I'm not loved
But its episodes in my life
And they just come and go

I sometimes think that its not fair
That things just don't go right
I try so hard to be so kind
But it just doesn't work out
Glynis Hale

Family Christmas Tree Poem by Glynis Hale

Family Christmas Tree

I can tell a family by its Christmas tree
As it smiles out of the window, all the world can see
The happy coloured lights and balls
The branches stretching wide and tall
With tinsel drapes and holly bowers
Chocolate men and Christmas flowers
I know for sure, the people who live there
Love their children and most of all they care
Yes, you can tell a family by its Christmas tree
Make sure you have one, that I can see
Glynis Hale

God Bless My Darling poem by Glynis Hale

God Bless My Darling

I always wanted things this way
I dreamed about it every day
To find someone that I could trust
The law of averages said I must
And now at last my dreams come true
I know I really do love you
I hope it lasts for years and years
With lots of laughs and no more tears
God bless my darling, see you around
I'm so glad, your love I've found
Glynis Hale

Life is a story poem by Glynis Hale

Life Is A Story

Life is a story, each day is a page
A minute a word, a chapter an age
There are moments of joy and laughter and tears
Each of these factors packed into the years
Just one thing I wish, a second to lend
Must I read the beginning before I know the end
Glynis Hale

My Black And White Consoler Poem by Glynis Hale

My Black And White Consoler

I hear your voice, a deepened purr
My black and white consoler
You'll never know the times you've helped
When I have needed loving

Your silent thoughts
Your silken fur
You seem to understand me
You never question how I feel
Just lie there eyes upon me

Tail is curled and ears are straight
My tears fall down upon you
But still you lie there, strong and warm
What would I do without you
Glynis Hale

Love is like poem by Glynis Hale

Love Is Like

Love is like a flower
it slowly grows to bloom
And gathers all the sunshine
to light the darkest room

Love is like a rainbow
An arc of coloured light
To span more than a life time
A candle in the night

Love is like a moonbeam
Appearing in our heart
A crystal misty brightness
Lest we should be apart

Love is like the summer
We long for clear blue skies
Hazy days and lazy hours
What a stupid pack of lies

Love is like a snowstorm
Often cold and bleak
Each of us taken for granted
Never again to speak
Glynis Hale

My Eyes With Tears Poem by Glynis Hale

My Eyes With Tears

Happiness comes from a smile
A touch, a kiss, a word
And when I am happy with you
My eyes with tears are blurred
As I look into your deepness
And know that you really love me
Yes I am really happy
And all the world can see
Glynis Hale

When Will You Phone Again Poem by Glynis Hale

When Will You Phone Again

You know I was so excited when you rang me here today
I could have jumped up in the sky and shouted hip hooray
Just to hear your voice, is but a wish come true
Just to know its me, you wanted to speak to
You always make me happy and the smile upon my face
Appears again, a miracle, no sadness you could trace
Because you are a tonic, a wonder and a gem
Tell me before you go, when will you phone again
Glynis Hale

Seasons Poem by Glynis Hale


Winter is a lovely season
Cuddling close, is a real good reason
To keep the winds of time away
And warm you up until another day
Spring is fun and makes you smile
Such a shame it lasts but a while
'Cos those green fields and summer flowers
Pass away such pleasant hours
Summer, if the weathers hot
Though in England, chances are its not
Can be a happy time to pass
Lying in the long green grass
Autumn comes and leaves are falling
The trees are shaking, the wind is calling
Winter time will shortly come
Another year has just begun
Glynis Hale

God Upon Our Side Poem by Glynis Hale

God Upon Our Side

With god upon our side
We really can survive
All the grief we have to face
So many in our lives
And when we feel we can't go on
And want to be alone
We realise what faith can do
And what above has grown
Out of our tears, we all pull through
To face another day or two
Have hope, I do believe he died for me
That moment on the cross
And therefore when someone slips away
Don't think of what we've lost
Just believe that they are now
Beyond the pearly gates
And love the one who took them there
Don't bear him any hate
They all are but a glance away
And we'll meet again another day
Glynis Hale