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My First True Love Poem by Dean Thorpe

My first true love

At the age of ten, I made a great friend
So was it a Boy, With a cool toy?
Or was it a sweet girl, Doing a pretty twirl?
None of the above, Was my first love
An Acorn Electron, To load my tapes on
So what it was so slow, The warmth of the glow
In front of the screen, Unreal like a dream
Creating the code, Switching the mode
Just 32K, In which to play
Computers don't care, They're just software
But that you can trust, Friendships can rust
Ones and zeroes, Digital heroes
It was my friend, Right until its end
Dean Thorpe
Old computer style circuit board

Black and white photo of an old computer style circuit board by Dean Thorpe

About this poem

Computers run on logic and do not judge you Its my 32nd anniversary this year, that not how many years I have been married, its how long its been since I got my first computer! Computers have played a big part in my life since that very first computer, which was an Acorn Electron. This bit of poetry is about that first ever computer. If you like this then please read the computers poem as that is also about computing and my love / obsession of computers. Most of my other poems are not about computers, but please give them a read. If you have any comments about this poem, maybe you love it, maybe you hate it, please feel free to send me your comments. Do I truely love my computer? Well not in the same way I love my family. When growing up my computer was the only thing that seemed to be always there for me, so yes, in some ways I probably do love computers!