Her notepad poems:
Lurking In The Darkness Poem

Lurking in the darkness

Walking down the darkened hall,
I hear a spooky sound
​Approach another corner,
do I dare go round

The darkness all around me,
can barely see a thing
What awaits me round the bend,
what will the next turn bring

I rush around the corner,
and see a ghostly face
I cannot see the details,
my heart begins to race

Feeling round I find a switch,
I turn it on to see
On the wall an old mirror,
the face in it is me
Dean Thorpe
Some people like to look different, Dean Thorpe is one of them, this very goth photo was taken and used on his Facebook on the anniversary of Sophie Lancaster's death to show support for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

About this poem

A poem with double meaning, I think it makes a good slightly spooky poem, but its also about how the way one of the main things that hold people back in life, is in fact them.

Most people live in fear of things, but most of those fears are not real and are in fact created by their own minds. Most things such as spiders, snakes, mice, rats, bats, the dark, roller coasters, flying etc. are not actually dangerous at all to us, but that does not stop a lot of people being scared of them. I am not saying which, but there is one thing on that list that still slightly scares me, but the rest I love!!!