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Going To Disneyland Paris Poem

Going to Disneyland

Its Disneyland, were going to
feeling great, not feeling blue
so far away, from normal life
with all its problems, and its strife
watching the world, as it goes by
the trees, the fields and the sky
so its off by coach, we shall go
with Dad, Yolanda and Jojo
Dean Thorpe
The castle at Disneyland resort Paris

About this poem

I wrote this poem while on a long coach journey to Disneyland Paris, not the best poem I have written, but captured a great feeling. We have been there a few times since writing this poem, but already have plans to go back for another visit as we never get tired of the Magic of Disneyland. One of the other things that we have decided on is that next time we go to Disneyland Paris it will be by Eurostar, not coach! The coach was fun and it gave me time to write this poem and do lots of other stuff, but it took about six hours to get to Disneyland and that much time stuck in a coach was not exactly the highlight of the trip! One day we would like to go to the Florida Disneyland, but thats still way out of our budget.

Update: Since writing this poem I have been back for more visits to Disneyland Paris, always by Eurostar and it is a lot better that way! I would highly recommend going by Eurostar, much quicker, more relaxed and more room!!!