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Frozen Moment In Time Poem by Dean Thorpe

Frozen moment in time

Frozen moment, captured in time
A silly face, and too much wine
A little cat, sat in the sun
A playful child, having some fun
The rise of sun, the morning glow
A winters day, with cold white snow
These are the things, I like to see
My camera, always with me
Dean Thorpe
Crashing wave taken at 1 2000th of a second

About This Poem

Most people have some kind of obsession, for some it's collecting comics, for others its their favourite soap operas etc. for me it is photography! A day without photography is like a day without sunshine to me! I take a camera with me everywhere, even if it's just my little pocket one. My favourite things to photograph are probably animals, everything from tigers in zoo's to spiders in the garden. I love to photograph places too, castles, derelict buildings and things like that. Least favourite, but I still photograph a lot are . . . people! People at events are not too bad, natural candid shots of people etc. I enjoy taking, I just don't like posed shots!