Her notepad poems:
Fluidity By Dean Thorpe


I want to tell you a tale
Of someone not quite male or female
When I get up each morning
While all the others are still yawning
I am struggling to know
If it's a girl or boy that will show
It's because inside my head
Is a mixture of genders instead
Part male, part female, part none
It's not something i'm choosing for fun
I cannot choose it at all
I just have to get up and stand tall
Knowing a girl is inside
Maybe a boy not wanting to hide
I am not mad or crazy
Not picking a genders not lazy
Some days I really am male
But others so completely female
Most days it's more of a mix
It's not a problem I want to fix
Please tell me who does it hurt
If some days I need to wear a skirt
I am open about it
Always happy to talk about it
All I want is to be free
To be whichever I need to be
I feel so lucky to know
My partner loves me whoever shows
My partner does understand
That it's not something I ever planned
Proud to have her by my side
Now my true self never has to hide
Dean Thorpe
A very female looking Dean Thorpe

About this poem

This is an open and honest poem about me being Genderfluid! I class myself as 30% female, 20% male an 50% none of the above, but being gender fluid unlike Transgender people who often feel that gender 24/7 I do change from hour to hour sometimes!!! I can wake up feeling male, by lunch time feel neither male or female, a couple of hours later very female and then before bed a mixture of the two! It's not something I want, like in the morning I fancy weetabix, but by lunch time I fancy a sandwich! This is a complete change of how I feel inside, I NEED to be male sometimes, feeling uncomfortable in anything feminine, but later I NEED to be female, having gender dysphoria, disliking my male body and wearing anything male feels so completely wrong, as if I'm wearing fancy dress!!! This has nothing to do with sexuality, I know genderfluid people who are straight, genderfluid people who are gay etc. Gender is something you feel / know, like feeling hot or cold! If it's freezing cold and somebody tells you that you are warm it doesn't make it so, you know you are cold!!! That's how I feel, I know I was born male, I except that, some people tell me I am male, but when I feel female every part of my mind and body is screaming out that I AM female and I can't accept being male any more than somebody telling me it's hot when I'm covered in ice!!! I am very proud to be part of the LGBT community.