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Eh Ju Kay Shon Poem by Dean Thorpe

Eh ju kay Shon

Always moving, Never improving
It made me blue, I was always new
Never fitting in, Could never win
Felt so left out, Life full of doubt
Thought I was thick, Was always off sick
Sick of that place, My unfitting face
Felt such a fool, That was school
Dean Thorpe
Art was one of the only subjects I did like

Art supplies ready to be used for something creative by Dean Thorpe

About this poem

Art was one of the only bits I did enjoy about school OK, I admit it, I hated school! Infants School, not too bad. Junior School, average. Senior School, hell! Due to my parents jobs and some other problems we moved about every six months during my school life, this made me always the new kid at school and thats very rarely a good thing to be. School life to me was being bullied, bullied by the pupils, bullied by the teachers, no wonder I never wanted to go. Teachers told me I was thick almost every day, but I was just bored with the work and hated school life in general. Now my daughter is at school and having problems with her teachers sometimes and I see so much of me in her when I hear how her school life is going. I listen to what the teachers say, but due to my past school life I do not worry to much about it. She will grow up to be a strong individual person, I would not have it any other way and I will make sure she does not spend her school life being bullied.