Battle, Home of Death Prone Images

Map showing where Battle is

Death Prone Images is based in the town of Battle in East Sussex, near the South Coast of the United Kingdom. 

The pin on the map shows roughly where, but I run Death Prone from home, so I don't want it pointing to exactly where I live! Instead it points to Battle Abbey, somewhere I do a lot of photography. Battle Abbey was where the Battle of Hastings happened back in 1066, which is where Battle gets it name from, before then it was named Senlac. Hastings is a few miles down the road from here.

A few of my photos from Battle in East Sussex

Inside Battle Abbey

A black and white photo of the inside of Battle Abbey

View from Battle Abbey

The view up battle high street from the roof of Battle Abbey

Battle High Street

Looking down Battle high street towards the Abbey

Playground in Battle

One playground in Battle even has a wooden castle to play on

Battle Police Station

Even the Police station in Battle is pretty!

An old building in Battle

One of the many old buildings in Battle