Her notepad poems:
Colours Of My Life Poem by Dean Thorpe

Colours of my life

Green, colour of life, so fresh and new
Red, blood flows so deep, deep within you
Blue, how I do feel, life full of doubt
Pink, my flesh so weak, mind so worn out
Black, my mood can be, so full of pain
White, future unknown, random like rain
Dean Thorpe
A beautiful rainbow I spotted in France

Looking across the fields in France towards a beautiful rainbow by Dean Thorpe

About this poem

Another one of my poems about life. It is a bit negative, but that was how I was feeling at the time. A lot of people use colours to describe moods, such as feeling blue (sad), seeing red (angry), being yellow (scared), so I thought I would create my own ones. My personal favourite out of mine is "White, future unknown, random like rain". The future unknown is like a blank sheet of paper, it never knows what is going to happen to it, could it be the greatest poem ever written or might it be a shopping list that will get lost on the way to the shops. As for the random like rain, well you can never truly predict if it will rain. There can be nothing but clouds for days, but not a drop of rain. On the other hand you can go out on a sunny day and get caught in a sudden storm. The future is the same, sometimes it looks like things will be great, but then it all goes wrong. Other times you think things could not get any worse, then win the lottery!