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A Poem About Mindfulness


I thought I'd try mindfulness, for my mind full of stress
I knew I needed some help, but my mind was a mess
Did I think it would help me, not really I confess
I found it quite hard to do, with my pain in excess
It made me look inside me, slow my breathing process
It made me look around me, to see with new sharpness
Working to improve myself, emotional wellness
Did it make a difference, did it help me, big yes!
Dean Thorpe
This is the Emmanuel Centre where the Midfulness course was

This is the Emmanuel Centre where the Midfulness course was. Photo by Dean Thorpe

About this poem

I've tried a lot of thigs to help with my mental health issues over the years and have done a few things linked with mindfulness, but not actually a mindfulness course, so when my partner Helen suggested we did an introduction to mindfulness course through a local organisation called FSN which is short for the Fellowship of St. Nicholas, they are based in St Leonards, East Sussex and their core values are:

To alleviate: Poverty, Disadvantage, Discrimination, Social exclusion
To promote: Equality, Needs led services, Participation
To believe in: Community, Social Justice, Preventative action

That's the sort of things a lot more organisations should be fighting for! We had done a course at FSN a few months before and that didn't go as well, not that there was anything wrong with the course, just neither of us were in the right head space at the time to welcome the type of help the course was offering.

We were very lucky that the mindfulness course was held a few minutes from our home and that made it much easier to get ourselves there when we were not at our emotional best, we did miss one session, but that was all and that one we really did want to attend, but we were just not up to it. Most of the mindfulness course was centered around meditation and breathing exercises to try to calm us down, help with anxiety and focus our minds, something we both needed help with. We had a very supportive teacher / group leader and that always helps. I coped very well with most of it, but did burst into tears once, we were just thinking about things that I normally avoid thinking about, the group were very supportive.