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Introduction to Death Prone Images

  • Dean Thorpe in an awesome photographer t-shirt
  • Dean Thorpe showing their feminine side
  • A smartly dressed photo of photographer Dean Thorpe
  • Dean Thorpe as Harley Quinn
  • 10 floors up in his Dads flat in Portsmouth, Dean Thorpe taking in the views over the city

This web site was mostly created as a free photo gallery for Dean Thorpe's (that's me!) photography collection.

This is just a small selection of my photographic work, I have about a quarter of a million photos on my computer at the time of writing this, the majority of which are not even sorted, I just love getting out and taking photos!

Am I the world's best photographer? No, I do wish I was a bit better at some aspects of photography. If a photographer ever tells you he knows everything about photography then never let them take your picture, photography is always changing, evolving, improving, adapting and so that's what we as photographer's have to do too!

Do I think I am at least a good photographer? Hopefully yes! I get a lot of good feedback on my photos and have done well in plenty of competitions over the years, from small local photography groups, to big national competitions up against some of the best photographers in the world.

These days I don't enter many competitions and the main person that I want to be impressed by my photos id myself! This may sound a little narcissistic, but after years of worrying what others think, I now just concentrate on photographing things that interest me, if others like my work then that is a bonus, just not a priority any more :) Plus my biggest and most painfully honest critic has always been myself, making me like my own photos is no easy task!

Also on the site you will find other fun and interesting things created by me, such as lots and lots of Dean Thorpe's poems, a story I wrote years ago, tutorials, my thoughts on various issues etc. 

More Information About Dean Thorpe

New look site

  • One of my favourite Death Prone Images logos
  • Completely custom design logo for Death Prone Images
  • My original Death Prone Images logo
  • Spirals of green on this Death Prone Images logo
  • A stencil art graffiti style logo for Death Prone Images

This web site has had many different versions over the years, always growing, ever expanding, changing names a couple of times starting off as Psyonic Dreams way back in 2000, changing to Aspex Design and then in February 2016 I decided to basically scrap it all and start from scratch! 

That was a scary move, Aspex Design got plenty of visitors and was quite successful, but my life went through some huge changes then and the old site was part of my old life, so like me it needed to start off with a clean slate and a fresh beginning to hopefully become something better.

The site now has a totally new look and all of the old sites content was completely removed!!! I am slowly starting to add new improved versions of some of that content back on, but some of it has gone for good! Most of the content on here now is completely new and all created exclusively by me (Dean Thorpe) for this Death Prone Images web site.

Some visitors will probably be a bit sad about some of the old bits that have now gone, but I promise in the long run it will be worth it. Just wait and see all the amazing things I am planning to add, not just photos and poems, but lots more things as well!!!

The new look was very grey with some blue and I really liked that for a while, but then in 2018 I decided it needed much more colour, so after a few experiments I gave it a complete rainbow makeover! This look is much more me and suits my rather flamboyant, unconventional, alternative style! lol

Feedback is always very welcome, feel free to email me your comments, but please keep them constructive and useful! Saying you think my poem written about whatever is a load of crap helps nobody and will probably just be deleted! Saying you think that poem doesn't make sense, doesn't rhyme perfectly, should have included something about a certain aspect of the subject matter or other advice like that helps me improve this site and makes it better for you.

Important, please read!

  • A black and white photo of the inside of Battle Abbey in East Sussex
  • Helen and Squid outside Herstmonceux
  • Squid the dog lurking in the flowers
  • Section 5 drumming in the sunrise
  • Bodiam Castle, such a beautiful place
  • Bumblebee from Transformers

Everything on the Death Prone Images web site is provided completely free for entertainment / non profit uses. I make absolutely no profit from this site and never plan to start, the adverts help a small bit towards some of the high costs of running Death Prone Images and this photo gallery site, that's all! If you love what you see, then please consider donating something to help me keep this project running, even a single pound / euro / dollar etc. would help me, there is a link at the bottom of every page to donate to me via Paypal. 

Any logos, designs, characters etc. that are in photos remain copyright of their owners and my photos are purely here on the Death Prone Images web site to help and entertain people, not to make me a single penny of profit. Due to this I am very willing to split my profits with anybody who objects to anything being on my web site! lol

Please, please, please do NOT sell anything you download from or find on the Death Prone Images web site, I had somebody selling a completely FREE tutorial that I had created on eBay a while back, I wasn't at all amused! The contents of this site are meant to be free to help everybody, not to make business people money, charities and proper good causes (i.e. not just a fund to buy your pizza and beer! lol) are very welcome to make money using these things. For anything profit making for a normal business I do NOT permit you the right to use any of my content and anybody I catch I will consider taking legal action against! All of this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Please DO feel free to share this site, plus share any of the photos and poems (as long as Dean Thorpe or Death Prone Images get credit for them!), I love to get positive feedback, so if you enjoy my site, then tell me! :)

Thank you

Dean Thorpe 

Death Prone Images