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Wyntercon 3 2016 Event Photos

Wyntercon 3 event photos from 2016: Actor Jon Campling at Wyntercon

Every year in Eastbourne they have a great event called Wyntercon, these were from the third one, held on the 1st and 2nd of October 2016 at the Winter Gardens in Eastbourne. Wyntercon had special guests (Including Solphie Aldred / Ace from Doctor Who), stalls selling all kinds of things, workshops, cosplay area, gaming, photo booth (with the Time Machine and the TARDIS!), competitions, activities, RPG's and so much more. It's a great event for getting your geek on and meeting like minded people, hanging out in weird and wonderful costumes (optional, but definitely encouraged!). 

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Wyntercon 2 2015 Event Photos

Wyntercon is an amazing Comic Con style event held each year at the Winter Gardens in Eastbourne, East Sussex, it attracts guests from all over the country. Most people dressed up for Wyntercon, I went as a slightly punky version of Mad Eye Moody from Harry Potter, but people wore all kinds of things from Steampunk to cartoon character costumes. I got to meet Norman Lovett, best known as Holly from Red Dwarf, he was very nice and even shared his birthday cake! There were many others there from TV, Films, Artists etc. Wyntercon was a great event to photograph and to be part of and I can't wait until the 2016 one!!!

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The first ever Wyntercon back in 2014 I sadly didn't know anything about, so I didn't attend it.

The second Wyntercon was held in 2015 I was there and dressed as a steampunk version of Mad Eye Moody from Harry Potter.

Wyntercon 3 was in 2016 and I was there for both days, the first as Harley Quinn, the second as the Joker.

For Wyntercon 4 I had created a Maleficent cosplay / crossplay, but saly due to health problems I was unable to attend.

Wyntercon 5 will return to Princes Park in Eastbourne on the 22nd of September 2018, so get building those costumes!!! I will be cosplaying and being an official photographer too! :)