Introduction to my thoughts
by Dean Thorpe

Why have my thoughts on here, isn't that messy? lol

My old Aspex Design web site had a small section on it for Rants, these were basically anything that annoyed me and I wanted to rant about. I decided that I didn't want this to be as negative, so I decided to call the section Thoughts instead! Yes a lot of it will be negative rantings, but I do want to include more positive ones or ones in between that I just want to share my thoughts and feelings on. I'm not saying I know it all, I'm sure a lot of people will disagree with things in this section and if you want to chat nicely about it just contact me, but if you just want to slag my thoughts and feelings off, then don't bother as I will probably just ignore you completely!!! If you have an idea for something that you want to hear my thoughts or feelings on, then tell me and I might write about! 

Thoughts on:
Acceptance Of Sexualilty

I don't see the big deal is when it comes to sexuality! LGBT+ or Straight, it's all about love and as long as it's consenting adults in relationships with consenting adults and nobody else is affected, then I have no problem with any relationships, even straight! lol

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Thoughts on:
Consent to take photos

I have seen a few recent rants about people taking photographs of people doing cosplay or other public event things without asking consent, some taking normal, candid, natural photos of people taking part in events, but some getting upskirt, cleavage close ups etc.

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Thoughts on:
Gun Control Rules

I have very strong thoughts about gun control, living in the UK we have a lot more restrictions on guns than somewhere like America, so that must mean we are less safe? Of course not, we have a LOT less shootings here, because guns are hard to get hold of!!!

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Thoughts On:
Hacktivists Anonymous

Anonymous a network of hackers / hacktivists that want to help make the world a better place, want freedom of information and fight for equality for all and try to do things to basically piss off people who have done bad, immoral and unjust things, even if legal!

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Thoughts On:
Immigration Into The UK

One thing that is always a huge issue according to the government and mainstream media is the problem of immigration. All these foreigners coming over here, stealing our jobs, overflowing our towns and so on. First we need to think why they are really coming here!

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Thoughts On:
IQ Tests Intelligence Quotient

IQ / Intelligence Quotient Test info. An IQ of 150 is not much use if you have no common sense and a person with an IQ of 75 that knows about other things will in many ways be more intelligent. Some of the smartest people I know can do some of the most stupid things!

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Thoughts on:
Is being Transgender Real?

People keep commenting about if transgender people are real. One of the reasons from what I can see that people don’t want anybody Transgender, especially AMAB to be classed as female is that it makes it possible for those men to get access to female only spaces!

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Thoughts on:
Parking In Disabled Spaces

As a disabled person I really hate it when fit and healthy people park their cars in disabled spaces. Most people with blue badges really need those spaces. I know people are in hurries or lazy, but a healthy person has the choice of parking further away and walking.

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Thoughts on:
Religion And God

My personal thoughts on religion and god. I am not trying to convert anybody and don't want anybody to convert me, I am just explaining why I feel the way I feel and believe or not believe the things I do. No offence is meant to anybody with different beliefs to me.

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Thoughts On:
Ethical Photography

As photographers do we have an ethical duty to tell the full, honest story about things? These days anybody with a smart phone thinks they are a photographer, but they need to think of the implications before posting those photos! What difference can a photo make?

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Thoughts On:
Voting In The UK Elections

Political parties have a certain type of person they support, they all have good and bad sides, which can be confusing as most do seem ok in some ways. The Labour party care about the people and believe that if the workers are happy, then the companies will do better.

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Thoughts On:
XR Or Extinction Rebellion

XR or Extinction Rebellion are a peaceful, non violent protest group who are trying to wake the world up to the global warming crisis we are all facing. Global warming really does exist, it’s hard to argue that the world isn’t changing for the worse! Save the planet!

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