Interesting Objects:
Steampunk Techno Talk Skull

Gothic, steampunk and cyberpunk!

This was one of my presents from my daughter Joanne for Christmas 2017! It is a very steampunk looking techno talk skull figurine wearing headphones. This is made by Nemesis Now, I have a few Nemesis Now things and I always love them. My daughter knows me very well, I have always had a thing for skulls and other weird things, especially if they have a gothic, steampunk or cyberpunk twist to them. This is a human looking skull (not a real one, don't worry! lol), but it has loads of extra bits added to it to make it look more of a steampunk robot! There are lots of screws going into the skull, gearwheels (it's not steampunk if it doesn't have gearwheels!!! lol) and topped off with a great pair of headphones, which themselves are fully customised with gearwheels and other steampunk stuff. It kind of reminds me of a Cyberman from Doctor Who in some ways with those headphones on, which is an added bonus as I am a huge Doctor Who fan. 

As always with Nemesis Now stuff this techno talk skull is really well made and covered in loads of great details. I have no connection with Nemesis now, I just really love their stuff (Not that I would complain if they sent me something as a thank you!!! lol), just wanted to point that out, I go to so many sites that show items they say are great, but then have a link to buy the item and make the person money, mine is purely to show off the great present that Joanne bought me.