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Recommended Artists Website Links

I'm lucky to live in an area with many great artists, here are links to a few of their web sites, I only include artists I actually know and like the artistic work of!

Recommended Artists Websites

Recommended Drumming Group Site Links

Section 5 Drummers near Hastings Seafront

These are links to some of my favourite drumming groups pages, I NEVER include any I have not heard live, all of these are highly recommended.

Recommended Drumming Groups

Recommended Photographer Website Links

Links to some of my favourite photographers, these are all people whose work I like and in many cases people I have worked along side them at photo shoots.

Recommended Photographers

Recommended Small Business Website Links

I'm a big fan of supporting local businesses and buying from them to help the local economy, rather than giving my money to big companies that only care about profits.

Recommended Small Businesses