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Death Prone Images

Very random photography, by a very random person!

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Why did I pick Death Prone Images as the name for my work?

Nothing dark, nothing sinister, nothing scary! Death Prone is just an anagram of Dean Thorpe, which is my real name! :)

I used Aspex Design as my "professional" name from 2000 until the start of 2016, before wanting to make a clean break and a fresh start due to big life changes, long story!

I was trying to come up with something different by messing around with anagrams of my real name and found a few interesting ones, but Death Prone just stood out to me! It is kind of appropriate for me as like some people are accident prone I have been told by a few doctors over the years that I wouldn't make such and such, at one point in my late teens they said I might not make the next morning, now I am in my mid-forties (I also wasn't supposed to make forty! lol), shows how much they know! I've done stupid things in the past, got myself run over, had to be rescued by lifeboats a couple of times etc. I am still here, still fighting everything the world throws at me and not giving up.