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So who is Dean Thorpe?

An obsessed photographer who hates going a single day without taking photos!

A poet, I love writing poetry, I find it a great way of releasing my feelings, something I need to do more!

A web designer, I used to run many web sites, most of which were 100% hand-coded HTML, these days I cheat and use good software to do it for me, and my only site is this one!

A very alternative person with bright hair, tattoos, and piercings.

I was a voluntary worker, I have done voluntary work everywhere from mental health charities to zoos!

My real name is Dean Thorpe, I do go by a few nicknames on various sites, but that is my real one.

I am male-ish (Well I was last time I checked! lol), although to me gender is something that can be rather fluid! ;)

I am in my mid 40's, but with the mind of an 18-year-old (ok maybe an 8-year-old sometimes!), but I seem to feel like an 80-year-old!

I'm a very open and honest person, anything you want to know, just ask!!!

These days due to health problems everything I do is unpaid voluntary photography work, but not as much of that as I used to do. In the past, I have facilitated support groups, taught photography, volunteered as a zookeeper to name a few of the volunteer jobs I've done. I do keep myself busy with my photography, working on this web site, writing poetry, drawing, and other creative things like that. When I was younger and healthier I did various work including software development, freelance technical support, working in a call centre, and even working in McDonald's for a few weeks!!!

Want to know more?

Just ask!!! I am a VERY open and honest person (it gets me into trouble sometimes!), as long as you don't want something silly like my bank PIN number, then the chances I will tell you the truth!!! :) BTW My PIN number is four digits long and all the numbers are between 0 and 9, see, I even answered that! lol