Death Prone Images

These are some of the most interesting places I have explored with my camera, some are beautiful places, some not so beautiful, but all are places I have enjoyed doing photography. A lot of these are around East Sussex as that’s where I live, but I do love to go places around the country and even around the world on the rare chances that I get to go away on holiday somewhere. It’s a huge world and so many places I’d like to see one day both abroad and in the UK. It’s extremely rare I go anywhere without a camera, I’d keep it with me 24/7 if that was practical.

Some places I like to post the photos from straight from the camera, some places I like to do a little editing on, others I really enjoy being creative and have been known to use things like HDR (High Dynamic Range) which I know is a bit like Marmite, loved by some and hated by others!

All of these photos can be used for anything non profit, giving me credit for the photos is appreciated, linking to this site is even more appreciated, but not a requirement. I don’t make money out of any of these photos, but I never turn down donations as equipment is not free and wears out.

If you know of anywhere, especially local ones to me that you think I’d enjoy photographing then please send me a message on here or find me on Facebook and say Hi, I do accept random friend requests!