Immigration into the UK By Dean Thorpe


Like with a lot of these thoughts I know many people won’t agree with these, but they are my thoughts and I’m happy with them. If you don’t agree you have a few choices: 

You can send me a well thought out and intelligent reply, if you do that then I will read the message and consider your views, I might even change mine! 

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The choice is yours!

One thing that is always a huge issue according to the government and mainstream media is the problem of immigration. 

All these foreigners coming over here, stealing our jobs, overflowing our towns and so on. 

First we need to think about why people would travel thousands of miles to get to the UK, I will give you a clue, it’s probably not the weather! lol

Reason 1: People coming over here to steal our jobs! 

There are two main types of works that migrants come over here to do, jobs likes cleaners, waiters etc. and the reason they can steal our jobs is because they are hard workers, willing to work for low wages, doing jobs most UK people don’t want to do. Some actually work for less than the minimum wage, that’s not their fault, it’s the companies who rip them off by not paying the right wages, if they pay a proper fair working wage then it wouldn’t be an issue, these workers are desperate, so you can’t blame them. The other sort of of workers are the highly skilled jobs like top medical professionals, my GP is not originally from the UK, my dentist is not originally from the UK, both are really great, so are most of the other people that have come over here to do jobs after spending many years studying towards great qualifications. In those cases they really are being hired for being the best people for the jobs and when I need a medical professional I want them to be as good as possible. 

Well why don’t all these workers just stay in places like Syria and do the jobs there instead? Simples! A lot of their hospitals and infrastructure in general has been blown to pieces, often by us or by people using weapons bought from us, making us billions. Working in a hospital is difficult after we have turned it into a pile of rubble. 

Reason 2: There are people who come over here to use our NHS!

Shock, horror, it does really happen, mostly by people who do a strange thing, they care about their loved ones! We (for now) have an NHS, and an amazing one it is too! It has saved my life more than once, something I am very thankful to every doctor, nurse and anybody else involved, I have so much respect for you all. Now imagine (this isn’t hard) that the NHS gets shut down. You love living and working in the UK, even if you are on minimum wage. All of a sudden you child, parent or partner gets seriously ill, you go to the hospital and they either say they just don’t have the equipment or that they can treat them, save that loved ones life, but the treatment for the first month is the same as you earn in a year! Do you just let that loved one die? I’d hope not! You would do whatever you could do to save them, if that meant packing up some belongings and taking yourself and them to a country thousands of miles away, leaving behind almost everything and everybody you know then you would do it!!! ANY loving family member would, so how can that be wrong. I know it does put a strain on our health service, but I will get to that later. 

Reason 3: Acceptance and equality for all

Many countries have very different rules on things like sexuality and gender. Some countries you can still get the death penalty for being Homosexual and being Transgender is not much better. Growing up not being accepted for what you are is very hard, I know! At least if people had found out about the boyfriend I had in my college days then the worst I could see happening to me at the time was getting thrown out of my home, rejected by family and friends (times have improved since then), I didn’t have to worry about life imprisonment or getting the death penalty for something which once again wasn’t my choice, just luck! Can you really blame people for wanting to leave a country where they could never hold their loved ones hand in public, never risk even kissing their partner outside the home for fear of being put to death. Not everybody in the UK is accepting, but we have laws protecting people these days. 

Reason 4: Just for a better quality of life!

Not one person reading this had any choice over what country they were born in, yes your parents might have, but you didn’t. Why do you deserve to live in a country with peace and they deserve to live in a war torn place, living in fear every day, there is no reason apart from blind luck! We go on about GREAT Britain and how amazing the UNITED Kingdom is and then we seem shocked when people want to leave their homes to move here. If you and your twin both buy raffle tickets, one wins a packet of tissues and the other wins a new car then one will be envious of the other, it’s simple human nature. Your country of birth is just good or bad luck. 

So what if they have good reasons?

Ok, so that’s just a few of the many great and honest reasons why people come here, but you still might think they shouldn’t?

We are full up?

Not even close, I am sure there are empty homes in every town in the country, just that there is either nobody who wants those homes or more likely the landlord is putting lots of restrictions on who can rent their places, charging extortionate rents and doing other things to stop needy people from the UK or beyond from getting them.

We can't afford it?

Things are bad here at the moment, but that’s not because of a few immigrants coming here, it’s because of huge corporations not paying the tax they should, banks and other businesses giving their bosses millions in bonuses each year while propping them up with taxpayers money. We are spending billions on things we don’t actually need like HS2, Trident, even the New Years Eve fireworks in London cost over three million pounds to put on. Trickle down economics doesn’t work, it’s a nice theory where the more money the bosses get, the more they can pay their staff and invest in the companies future, but in truth the more money you give the bosses, the more they give themselves in bonuses.

Why can’t they go to other countries?

They do! ALL countries take in immigrants, many taking in a LOT more than we ever have. Often these desperate people have been turned away from other countries along the way, but for some it’s just that they have family here that they want to be close to. We are one of the richest countries in the world, yes we have a huge poverty problem too, but that is due to the government, big corporations, society in general. There is plenty of money to help everyone, no matter if they are born and raised here or an immigrant from another country, it’s just in the hands of people who care more about making even more money than using it to help those in need. Every year there are billions of pounds of tax avoided by big businesses, money that could be helping pay for Education, the NHS, Police, Firefighters and so many other much needed things in this country, there would even be enough to help more people to come here. Most are not coming here for handouts, they just need help to get in and support while they sort their lives out. Strangely a lot of those companies do pay, not taxes, but instead they give “donations” to the government, they also help control the media to keep many people believing that immigrants are evil and should never be allowed in :(

How can they afford Smartphones?

A while back there were stories going around about immigrants being spotted using Smartphones and people saying they shouldn’t be able to own things like that! Not all these people come from poor countries, some are well educated people who had good jobs, but that still doesn’t mean they can come to the UK, so even those ones get desperate! So that’s why some do, but that’s actually not the main reason! Imagine this, you need to leave your home behind, sell virtually all of your belongings and pack for a long trip, with very limited space for your stuff, most important are things that would fit in a pocket as that would be less likely to get lost or stolen. You need useful things, stuff that would be helpful to communicate with home and also people along the way who may not understand your language, you have photos and documents that you don’t want to lose, you need a way of entertaining yourself, you need a way of searching for information in any country you are in along the way. What would be a great thing to buy with the money from the stuff you sold? How about a Smartphone!!! :) You can get solar chargers that fit in your pocket or just find people along the way who could charge it for you. To me I think bringing a Smartphone is a very smart idea! :)

Won’t they bring their culture over here?

I wonder how many people who say things like that would list Chinese or Indian food as one of their favourites? Do people not realise where most (not all) of those recipes come from? We live in a global community, we love celebrating! lol I would have no problem with having immigrant neighbours, as long as they respected me then I would respect them! I have friends from multiple religions, who celebrate different things and have different beliefs, it’s things like that which make people interesting. If everybody only ate the same food, only drove the same cars, only had the same favourite colour, favourite song, favourite book, favorite movie etc. then all conversations would be extremely boring!!!

What about their laws?

If I go on holiday to Spain or wherever then I always obey the laws in that country. Anybody coming here does need to obey the laws of this country, that is one thing I do agree with, but I have no problem with a bit of sensible negotiation!!! We do need a little common sense, some of our laws are the way they are for good reason, others may not be perfect. Laws from other countries could well be the same, they may have some that the majority of UK citizens would actually agree with, yes definitely not all laws from elsewhere would work here and I think most people would agree with that.

What is an immigrant?

Sounds obvious, but believe it or not it isn’t! For example a lot of Americans are against immigrants going to their country, the problem with that is the Native American's, such as the Cherokee, Pawnee, Seneca, etc. are the original occupants of that country, everybody else is technically . . . an immigrant! I have literally laughed out loud when I have seen ex-pats living in places like Spain complaining about the fact that there are immigrants going to others countries and it shouldn’t be allowed. To a Spanish person any ex-pats who have moved from England to Spain are immigrants! Many seem to think that to be an immigrant you need to have non white skin and be from a non English speaking country, immigrants are ANYBODY who has moved from any country to another country.

In conclusion

We can and should allow more people to come here if they have a good reason, reasons which need to be more relaxed than they are no. We just need to start collecting all the taxes that we are owed and then prioritise caring for humans and giving us all good educations, NHS and other things we really do need, rather than spending money on the likes of Trident, HS2, paying off the DUP and other things we don’t need!

Thank You

Thank you for reading this, I know some people won’t accept or understand what I have said, but then again some people still think the world is flat! lol I don’t mind intelligent debate over immigration with people, but not people who are purely spreading intolerance, hatred and messages of violence towards people for being something they had no control over is like going around hating and beating people up for having brown eyes!