Gun Control Rules By Dean Thorpe


I have very strong thoughts about gun control, living in the UK we have a lot more restrictions on guns than somewhere like America, so that must mean we are less safe? Of course not, we have a LOT less shootings here, because guns are hard to get hold of!!! Yes there are criminals with guns, there will be anywhere, but it's easier to prosecute anybody caught with a gun due to our stricter laws on them. I have no problem with guns for target practice (it's fun!), but I don't think anybody should have guns in their home without an extremely good reason, if someone breaks into your home and they are not armed, but you have a gun then the burglar might panic, it could turn into a struggle and they might get hold of the gun and shoot you, not only that, but if they took the gun with them that gun could be used for more killings. 

Types of Weapon

If people are allowed to buy guns then there at least needs to be more restrictions, especially to do with the type of gun! In some countries it's perfectly legal to own an assault rifle, but why??? Those are designed for one thing and one thing only, killing as many people as quickly as possible! No hunter (not that I support hunting!) would use one to hunt, no farmer would use one to protect their property from foxes, they are purely a weapon of war! If I lived in the middle of a war zone then I might want one, but most owners seem to live in nice quiet places where there has not been anybody legal to shoot for hundreds of years! So people seem to own them “just in case”, but that is what the Army is for!!! They are well trained and know what they are doing, if the Russians suddenly invade America then that's what they are there for. 

Armed Teachers?

There has been talk about arming teachers after the many school shootings, but how are the Police supposed to know who is who? The SWAT team arrives, move into the school, spot somebody hiding behind a desk holding a gun, do they go over and ask that person if they are a teacher (not that teachers can't go nuts and shoot people!) or do they shoot that person to protect the children they can see heading into the classroom where the armed person is hiding??? 

Criminals Are Armed!

Yes if you make guns illegal then some criminals will still carry guns, but I wonder how many of those guns were stolen from people who legally owned them? The less guns on the street, the less chance of people getting shot in the crossfire in an incident. Leave the guns to the military, but if I could click my fingers and remove every single gun etc. from the planet then I would do it, we need to be coming together to work as one planet to solve our problems, not coming up with more and more ways of killing each other. I don't like restrictions, I don't like laws, but some are there to protect us, often from our own stupidity! There are virtually no legitimate reasons to own a gun! Owning something designed to kill people is never a right, to me it's definitely a wrong! :) 

I Want To Be Able To Protect Myself and My Family

If you want to protect your property and family then learn martial arts, at least that can't be used against you or fall into the wrong persons hands!