Gallery of very Random Event Photography by Dean Thorpe


Most photographers have something they are best known for, mine would have to be my candid event photography. I love photographing events, but hate doing anything posed unless I really have to, instead I love to get candid shots of people, often having no clue they are being photographed! I have had a couple of people comment about taking photos without consent, but 99% of people love my photos the way they are i.e. not posed and if I post a hundred photos from an event, then the chances are I took a thousand! So 90% of my photos get deleted and some of those people would be excited about their photos, but would never get to see them. Candid photography is completely legal, as long as it's nothing upskirt etc. of course, something that I'd never do. If you find a photo of yourself on here and don't like it then send me a nice message and I will almost certainly remove it, but legally I don't have to! Most people prefer not to know, as they then get nervous and try to pose, instead of looking like they are having genuine fun at an event. 

I love big, interesting, fun events with lots of colourful costumes, so any form of Pride events I love in particular. Living close to Hastings in East Sussex there are many great events around here including Pirate Day, Jack in the Green, Zombie Day, Steampunk Festivals, not forgetting cosplay events like the amazing Wyntercon that is held every year in Eastbourne.

I have been official event photographer for some of these, but never paid, always just for fun, which is how I like it! If you would like me to come to your event then send me the details and I will consider it. For more details please click here: 

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Events from all over the country

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Hastings And St Leonards Area Event Photographs

Battle Area Freelance Event Photographs

Hastings Pirate Day, great free event

Hastings Pirate Day, Great Free Event

Every year in Hastings, East Sussex they have a Pirate Day event! Hastings has a long history of pirates, smugglers and lots of other dodgy characters, I even lived there myself for a while and felt I fitted in with the locals! lol Hastings Pirate Day is a free event!

Hastings Pirate Day Photos

BBC Antiques Roadshow at Battle

BBC Antiques Roadshow At Battle Abbey

On Tuesday the 19th of July 2019 the town of Battle was invaded, not by the Normans or Saxons this time, instead by the BBC Antiques Roadshow team! They filmed the program at Battle Abbey, a place just up the road from me so we went along to watch the filming of it.

Antiques Roadshow At Battle

St Leonards Festival and Parade

Photo of the 2019 St Leonards Festival

These are my photos from the awesome St Leonards Festival, a great free event that was held on the 29th of June 2019. This great annual event includes lots of things going on in Warrior Square Gardens, a street market in Kings Road and a parade along the seafront.

The 2019 St Leonards Festival

Hastings Cat Lovers Summer Fayre

Hastings Cat Lovers Summer Fayre

In July 2019 we went along to photograph and support a Summer Fayre that was held to raise much needed funds for HCL / Hastings Cat Lovers, a local very good cause. The event was officially opened by Hastings Mayor Nigel Sinden and Hastings Deputy Mayor James Bacon.

Hastings Cat Lovers Summer Fayre

Westlife The Twenty tour at Nottingham

Westlife The Twenty Tour At Nottingham

Photos from the Motorpoint Arena in Nottingham of Westlife's Twenty tour on the 19th of June 2019. I went along with my partner and her daughter, I like Westlife, they LOVE Westlife. Sadly I wasn't allowed to take my proper DSLR camera with me and had to use my phone

Westlife The Twenty Tour

Eastbourne Pride - Annual LGBT+ Event

Eastbourne Pride - Annual LGBT+ Event

This was a full on Brighton Gay Pride style event, complete with a parade, lots of flags for every part of the LGBT spectrum, lots of people in fabulous and flamboyant costumes, LGBT support groups and basically everything you expect at a big Pride event, except free!

Eastbourne LGBT Pride Event

1066 Battle Of Hastings Reenactment

1066 Battle Of Hastings Reenactment

Photos taken at the 1066 Battle of Hastings reenactment back in October 2006. Battle Abbey is owned by English Heritage. Believed to have been the largest pre-gunpowder reenactment ever held anywhere. The town was called Senlac, it changed due to the huge 1066 battle.

1066 Battle of Hastings

1066 Zombie Walk Of The Dead Hastings

Hastings 1066 Zombie Walk Of The Dead

Every year in the Hastings area of East Sussex we have many great events Jack in the green, Pirate day, Frost parade, Pride, May Day Run and so many others, but one of my favourites is the 1066 Walk Of The Dead Or Hastings Zombie Day as a lot of local people call it.

Hastings Zombie Day Photos

Eastbourne Airbourne International Airshow

Eastbourne Airbourne International Airshow

Eastbourne Airbourne, also known as the Eastbourne International Airshow, is a 4-day international air show run every August in Eastbourne, East Sussex, England. The event features Battle of Britain memorial flights and aircraft from the RAF and USAF, among others.

Eastbourne Airbourne Airshow

London Protests Against Tory Austerity

London Protests Against Tory Austerity

London Protest Against Austerity 2015. The protest organisers (protest group the People's Assembly) estimated 250,000 people attended. These are my photos, including police, anti-tory protesters, anti-war factions, anti-far right, anti-racism and anti-fascism groups

London Austerity Protests

Hastings Mayday Run Motorcycle Event

Hastings Mayday Run Motorcycle Event

Hastings Mayday Run attracts tens of thousands of motorbikes from all over the country. The run itself is from Locksbottom to Hastings, which is 55 miles, but some just head straight for Hastings, As well as the more traditional motorbikes there are trikes and quads.

Hastings Mayday Run Photos

Hastings Jack In The Green JITG Photos

Hastings Jack In The Green JITG Photos

Jack in the Green is an amazing event held every year in Hastings, East Sussex. It's based on a pagan Beltane tradition which is Jack who runs the winter side of the year is slayed so the summer can begin and releases the spirit of summer for this year.

Hastings Jack in the Green

Hastings Gay Pride Event Photographs

Hastings Gay Pride Event Photographs

Photos from Hastings Pride events, an amazing LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and more!) annual event held in Hastings, East Sussex in August. To me love is love, no matter what gender people are and as long as it's consenting adults then I have no problem!

Hastings LGBT Pride Event

Steampunk Christmas Fayre in Eastbourne

Steampunk Christmas Fayre In Eastbourne

Christmas 2014 I was invited to come along to a Christmas Fayre, but unusually this was a Steampunk one! So selling lots of very weird and wonderful steampunk style things as well as some more traditional Christmas items. Event was held at the Victoria Baptist Church in Eastbourne.

Steampunk Christmas Fayre

Hastings Steampunk Extravaganza Photos

Eastbourne SteampunkExtravaganza Photos

Photos are all from the Hastings Steampunk Extravaganza Festival held in Hastings, East Sussex in 2018. The location was Horntye Park Sports Complex. So many great cosplay style costumes and amazing Steampunk clothing. Victorian steam powered technology and things like that.

Hastings Steampunk Extravaganza

Jeremy Corbyn Labour Leader In Hastings

17th of January 2019 the Shadow Prime Minister Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn came to visit the seaside town of Hastings in East Sussex. Being local and a member of the Labour Party I was invited to come along, I wasn’t actually asked to take photos, but I enjoy it.

Jeremy Corbyn In Hastings

Wyntercon Cosplay Convention, Eastbourne

Wyntercon is a family friendly Cosplay & Comic Con based in Eastbourne, East Sussex. For those new to events like Wyntercon Cosplay is abbreviated from Costume Play. A great event where you (optionally, but highly recommended) dress up as someone or something else!

Wyntercon Cosplay Convention

Protest Against Tory Austerity, Hastings

Protest Against Tory Austerity, Hastings

These photographs were all taken at a protest march in Hastings, East Sussex that happened back in May 2015. The march was organised by Hastings Solidarity and was campaigning against the Austerity cutbacks that had been introduced by the Conservative government.

Protest Against Austerity

Photos Of Hastings Old Town Carnival

Photos of Hastings Old Town Carnival

Every year in the Old Town part of Hastings in East Sussex they have a Carnival Week which ends with the Grand Carnival Procession. Photos of some of the other floats, dancers, drummers, the RNLI lifeboat, plus photos of the crowd watching the grand procession parade.

Hastings Old Town Carnival

Hastings Pier Commemorative Victorian Stroll

Hastings Pier Commemorative Victorian Stroll

These are my photos of the Hastings Pier Commemorative Victorian Stroll held of the 5th of June 2016. With people dressed in traditional Victorian style clothes or more steampunk versions of them, but everybody looked great! Hastings Pier had been shut for six years.

Hastings Pier Victorian Stroll

Beltane Drumming With Section 5 Drummers

Beltane Drumming With Section 5 Drummers

A local tradition is that every year on the 1st of May / Beltane (Beltane is a Celtic word which means 'fires of Bel') a group of local people from Section 5 Drummers go up onto East Hill in Hastings, East Sussex and drum to welcome the sunrise. These photos are from May 2016.

Beltane Sunrise Drumming Event

Fly Kites Not Drones Event in Hastings

Fly Kites Not Drones Event In Hastings

This event was on Hastings Seafront on the 17th of March 2019, hosted by Hastings Against War and Fly Kites Not Drones. It was great weather for it. Not lots of kites while I was there, but I couldn't stay for it all, plus it was a cold March Sunday!!! A great sight!

Fly Kites Not Drones Event

Vantastic 2019 VW Volkswagen Campers

Vantastic 2019 VW Volkswagen Campers

Photos at Vantastic 2019 there were many types of Volkswagen Type 2 VW Campers, Transporters, Kombi, Microbus, a nice VW Beetle and a 1936 Humber 12 on display when I was there. This was a great free event that was supporting adults with Autistic Spectrum conditions.

Vantastic VW Campers Event

Midsummer Nights Dream At Battle Abbey

Midsummer Nights Dream At Battle Abbey

William Shakespeares A Midsummer Nights Dream being performed by Chapterhouse Theatre Company at Battle Abbey on the 9th of June 2018. The performance was very good, especially being a Shakespeare play with only 8 people playing 20 characters with complicated lines.

A Midsummer Nights Dream

MoDS First Anniversary Party Photos

MoDS First Anniversary Party Photos

MoDs is the local Memory or Dementia Support group, they had their first anniversary party recently and I was invited along. It is a very supportive group!  The group aims to give support not only to those with Memory problems or Dementia, but also their family etc.

Memory or Dementia Support group

Pentacle Drummers Summer Solstice

Pentacle Drummers Summer Solstice

On the 18th of June 2016 the Pentacle Drummers, Lords of Earthen Drums held their spectacular Summer Solstice Festival in their home town of Eastbourne. The event was in aid of the Children with Cancer Fun which is based in Polegate and a great charity I support too!

Pentacle Drummers Summer Solstice

Ratton Community Fayre, Eastbourne 2016

Ratton Community Fayre, Eastbourne 2016

Ratton Community Fayre in Eastbourne, 2016. Two of the top drumming groups in the area were there Stix Drummers and Pentacle Drummers, plus lots of stalls, entertainment, tasty food, groups of dancers, singers, a cosplay competition, Dalek Lumpy and so much more!

Ratton Community Fayre 2016

Opening Of The Pirate Shop With Drumskullz

Pirate Shop Opening With Drumskullz

Hastings pier now has a new kiosk, an ideal one as it's Pirate themed things!!! A great place to stock up on booty for the annual Hastings Pirate day. The new kiosk was kindly opened in October by Captain Jack Sparrow Not sure if it was the real one or a Pirate copy.

Pirate Shop On Hastings Pier

My Birthday Trip To Skarlett's Cafe

My Birthday Trip To Skarletts Cafe

These photos of my treat for my birthday, a trip to Battle with my family and to Skarlett's Cafe, my lovely daughter Joanne and my wonderful partner Helen. My daughter bought me a really amazing custom birthday cake designed just for me, it was a really amazing cake!

Skarletts Cafe Birthday Trip

Photos of The St Leonards Festival 2018

Photos Of The St Leonards Festival 2018

Photos I took at the 2018 St Leonards Festival! Photos include the stalls in Kings Road, the main event in Warrior Square and the parade on the seafront. The parade had drumming groups in it including Section 5 Drummers, Stix Drummers, Drumskullz, Sambalanco and more.

2018 St Leonards Festival

Section 5 Drummers, St Georges Day Parade

Section 5 Drummers, St Georges Day Parade

Section 5 Drummers were invited to lead the parade of local scout groups around Hastings for their annual St Georges day event, I'm a little too old to be a Scout, but it was great fun all the same! I loved being part of Section 5 Drummers when they get asked to do things like that!

St Georges Day Parade Event

St Leonards Frost Festival Photos

The Frost Festival takes over Kings Road in St Leonards and turns it into a great Christmas Market with all kinds of weird and wonderful stalls! There is a Frost Parade which starts from the Royal Victoria Hotel on St Leonards Sea Front and ends at the market event.

St Leonards Frost Festival

Eastbourne Steampunk Festival Photos

Eastbourne Steampunk Festival Photos

Eastbourne Steampunk Festival event, so many amazing outfits, not that you have to dress up to attend, but it is fun if you do! Steampunk is a genre of science fiction that has a historical setting and features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology.

Eastbourne Steampunk Festival

Linking Support Groups With Professionals

Linking Support Groups With Professionals

Linking Support Groups with Health and Social Care Professionals event organised by HVA and RVA held at St. Marks Church Hall, Bexhill in February 2016. These events were created after they realised that there are lots of amazing community support groups in Hastings.

Event Linking Support Groups

Stix Summer Madness 2016

Stix Summer Madness, a family friendly festival, hosted by Stix Drummers. All profit donated to charities Lark in the Park and Matthew 25 Mission. Entertainment included Sea Gypsies, Earthquake Drummers, Drumskullz Drummers, Bedraggled, The Captains Beard and more!

Stix Summer Madness photos

Le Cirque Du Platzak At The Hastings Stade

Le Cirque Du Platzak At The Hastings Stade

Le Cirque Du Platzak are very talented and have entertaining circus skills. If you ever get the chance to see their circus performances it is well worth it. Their performance was at the Stade on Hastings seafront and was free to watch, it was great entertainment.

Le Cirque Du Platzak Photos

Medieval Event At Herstmonceux Castle

Medieval Event At Herstmonceux Castle

Photos of a very nice day out to one of the many great Medieval events that they have at Herstmonceux Castle every year. This event was the 28th May 2017.  The castle is very beautiful, this Tudor mansion these days is a fully functioning University study centre.

Medieval Herstmonceux Castle

Bark In The Park Free Dog And Cat Show

Bark In The Park Free Dog And Cat Show

More Than Bark in the Park, free pet show including Lucy Heath and her very talented dogs Trip Hazard, Foxy and Indie as seen on Britain's Got Talent! There were also stalls selling stuff to keep the humans, dogs and cats happy, even bottles of herbal drinks for dogs.

Bark in the Park Dog Show

Battle Big Weekend Free Event Photos

Battle Big Weekend Free  Event Photos

These are my photos of Battle Big Weekend and things at the event such as stalls, a performance by Battle Rubbish Drummers (who are actually very good!) and lots of photos of the people from Tomboogie It's Showtime. Battle Big Weekend, an event in Battle, East Sussex

Battle Big Weekend Photos

Curious Christmas Alternative Bazaar

Curious Christmas Alternative Bazaar

I attended The Curious Christmas Alternative Bazaar, which was an event held at the Methodist Parkhurst Hall, Parkhurst Road, Bexhill, East Sussex. To do something a little different from the usual Christmas events that are going on everywhere at this time of year.

Curious Xmas Alternative Bazaar

Dragon Boat Festival At Bewl Water

Dragon Boat Festival At Bewl Water

Photos from the 20th annual Dragon Boat Festival at Bewl Water in the 9th of August 2017. The teams take part in the Dragon Boat races to raise money for charities and increase awareness of many important causes.  The teams were made up of 16 rowers and a drummer.

Dragon Boat Festival at Bewl

Catsfield Boat Race July 2018 Photos

Catsfield Boat Race July 2018 Photos

Photos of the rowers in the Catsfield Boat Race, ok when I say rowers I actually mean runners as the Catsfield Boat Race goes nowhere near any water! lol It's a 1066 metre road race where you run around the beautiful villiage of Catsfield in East Sussex, England, UK

Catsfield Boat Race Photos

Battle Medieval Fayre 2016 Photos

Battle Medieval Fayre 2016 Photos

Photos of the Medieval Fayre held in Battle, East Sussex on Monday the May 30th 2016, the fayre is a great event. I was there as part of Section 5 Drummers so lots of photos of them as always, but I did include a lot of the other things going on too. A great event!

Battle Medieval Farye Photos

Bexhill Horse Show Equestrian Event

Bexhill Horse Show Equestrian Event

May 2018 I went to see the Bexhill Horse Show, my first time at an Equestrian event for many years. It was interesting to watch and photograph, especially the show jumping. There were many beautiful horses. I look forward to attending other horse events like this.

Bexhill Horse Show Event