Only personally recommendedDrumming Website Links 

These are Sites that I actually WANT to link to

These are links to some of my favourite drumming groups pages, I NEVER include any I have not heard live, all of these are highly recommended.

All of the sites on this page are here because I genuinely like them, nobody can pay to be on this page, but give me a nice reason why you should be on here and I will add you! Linking to this site is always appreciated, but you don't have to!!!

I had a few people comment as to why I listed such and such site above another one etc. so this listing is purely in alphabetical order now! :)

The Drumskullz

Pirate Shop Opening With Drumskullz

We are a group of drummers mainly from the Hastings, Battle, Bexhill and Rye area. Look out for us at upcoming events.

The Drumskullz Facebook Page

PanUp Steel Band

PanUp SteelBand is a family based band located in Hastings

PanUp SteelBand is a family based band located within the East Coast, Hastings. We cater for every occasion or themed event which may need a magic touch of sweet Steel Pan Music.

PanUp Steel Band Website

Pentacle Drummers

Photo of the Pentacle Drummers

We were founded in Eastbourne, East Sussex in 2001. Since then we have grown from a small group, in to the premier Drumming troupe in Sussex.

The Pentacle Drummers Website

Raven Drummers

Raven Drummers from in and around Hastings

We are a friendly group of people of all ages & experience who are passionate about drumming. Based in and around Hastings and 1066 country, some experienced and some new drummers, united in a wish to have fun while drumming and entertain those who see us.

Raven Drummers Facebook Page

Section 5 Drummers

Section 5 Drummers, St Georges Day Parade

We are a non-denominational, non-political drumming group. We play at festivals, carnivals, bonfires, parties, on the beach, on piers, up hills and on the sea!!, not to mention a few ad-hoc events of our own.

Section 5 Drummers Website

Stix Drummers

Photo of Stix Drummers

We are Eastbourne's Premier Rhythmic Drumming Group! Founded in 2013, we have grown from a small group to a troupe in excess of 70+ members who perform at many events every year!

Stix Drummers Website