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When were these figures from

I decided to start creating a list of stats for this site as of Christmas 2017. These are not worked out automatically, I had to actually work it out myself. I'm planning to update it every 6 months, so I can monitor the progress myself and visitors can see just how much work really does go into this web site, especially for one not where there is no paid content and so few adverts they only make a small contribution towards the hosting of the site, not a single penny or cent in profit!!! Why bother? I enjoy it and like showing my photography / poems etc.  It's also great to promote some of the amazing events I get to go to around here 

Number of pictures

December 2017 3442, June 2018 4370. That number includes all the normal photo pages, plus photos on poetry pages, photos that make up parts of the tutorials, big logos I have designed and things like that, but doesn't include any parts of the sites structure, such as backgrounds etc.

Number of topics

December 2017 147, June 2018 181. Topics are actual pages, so a page of photos of something only counts as one, but each poem or tutorial also counts as one, this is a number I want to seriously increase by the next time I update this. If I had my way then they would be closer to 500 by next Christmas, but I really can't see that, 250 should be very possible if I get stuck into doing lots of work on it!

Number of Visitors a day

December 2018 74, June 2018 71. My old site used to get about a thousand visitors a day, but I still remember when it was lucky to get 10 a day. This site will take time to get popular, especially with a £0 advertising budget, averaged out over that month it works out to about 74 unique visitors a day, so not counting repeat visits by people, search engines etc. so that should be 74 real people every day wanting to look at my photos and poems. Very dissipointed that this has actually gone down!!! Only by a couple, but it should be going up a LOT by now!!! :'(

Number of my poems

December 2017 52, June 2018 54. I LOVE writing poetry, it's a really great way of expressing my feelings and saying things I often struggle to say normally. If you want to try to understand me then that is a very good place to start. Some are just fun poems with no important meaning, but some are windows into my soul and a view of the real me. Writing poems is something else I really want to get back into, 2018 I really want to spend a lot of time creating all kinds of things!!! I have got some that I have not added yet

Number of Events Photgraphed

December 2017 30, June 2018 36. I have photographed a LOT more than 36 events, it's definitely 100+, they just take a lot of time and effort to add, but I will do it. I hate doing posed photos, so weddings, portraits etc. are definitely not my thing, but candid photos of people at events I love, capturing people having fun and just being themselves, not over thinking thier poses for the camera. I have lots of friends that love that side of it, but not me, we are all different! It is much quieter over the winter months.

Number of Tutorials and Other Non Poetry Written Pages

December 2017 10, Jun 2018 14. Wow! That is low, I really must work on that! I want this to be a really helpful site, my old site had many more than that, but I don't just want to copy and paste things from that site. Everything on here I want to be new or at least improved versions of things I have written before. If you can think of something you want me to write about, pleeeeeeeease contact me and I will see what I can do.