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This calender I hope to fill up with lots of great local events (local to me is Hastings, Bexhill, Battle and Eastbourne), if you know of an event in East Sussex or beyond if it's something really special, then please send it to me so I can add it. It will take time to add enough stuff to make it really useful, but the more things I get sent then the sooner it will become a useful resource for people. I will be trying to attend some of these events, but far from all of them, it's just nice to know what is on and help promote those events. I'm lucky to live in an area where there is always something fun happening!!! National events are also welcome if they are charity / good cause ones or protests, I do love a good protest! lol

I use a great calender system, it's part of the very good web design software I use (TOWeb V7), but it has a very strange limitation, I can add links to the diary entries, but only to my own site? I am adding links to the FB pages of the events, but they may not be clickable! Hopefully I will find a solution to this soon :)

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