Countdown To The 2019 General Election

I created this so I could keep track of just how much / little time is left before the next general election.

I will be voting Labour, but I want you, yes YOU! to get out there and vote for whatever party you believe in, but please DO vote! Voting is something so many people have died for the right to do, so don't just ignore it. 

If everybody in the UK that could vote, but didn't vote in the last election, had all voted for me (I don't want the job), then I would now be the Prime Minister! So YOU can make a difference.

All parties are not the same, they are not all as "bad" as each other. Base your choice on the party policies, not just if you like or hate the leader! If that is important to you then at least research them, find the truth, not just the lies that you have been force fed by some of the mainstream media.

Brexit IS an important issue, but not the only issue! The NHS, education, the environment, fighting homelessness, real Police numbers, fixing all the potholes to name just a few of them!!!

It really DOES matter

Please vote for Labour in the next election